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  • When you buy 3D models from us you get to download the source files that contain all the 3D model files in all the available file formats (e.g. 3ds, obj, maya, etc) as well as the accompany textures and materials. This allows you to customize it in any form you choose as well as get any viewing angles you require.
  • Our 3D models accurately reflect real-world objects and thus can be used as a great visualization tool for virtual reality, mobile apps, advertising, marketing, special effects, etc.
  • Simplify your workflow and get more done — using stock 3D models costs less as it saves 3D Modeling time for your artists so your projects are ready faster than if your artists had to create their own from scratch.
  • Creates visible and profitable opportunities for digital artists and 3D modelers globally by making their existing content available for a fee or free to someone else that needs it. Thus, saving time and money.